FICTION | 2018 |


A girl and a boy spend together last days of their summer break, while the date is approaching when the girl will have to leave the country. A young woman and a young man unexpectedly meet and enter a passionate love affair. While she explores the city she had left as a child, he has a feeling that they’ve met before. A woman and a man separate after 20 years of marriage, but the relationship they‘ve built doesn’t allow them to move on.

Writer and Director
: Maša Nešković
Co-Writers: Maša Nešković, Vladimir Arsenijević
Producer: Snežana Penev
Genre: Drama
Length: 90 min
Language: Serbian
Key cast: Daria Lorenci, Uliks Fehmiu, Mira Janjetović, Mladen Sovilj
Production Company: This&That Productions (Serbia)
Co-producers: Korektif (Slovenia)