SneŇĺana van Houwelingen


Snezana is a member of the European Film Academy, has graduated EAVE and produced more than 30 high-profile international projects. Apart from all her accomplishments, she mostly relies on her impeccable intuition.

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Goran Stankovińá


Goran graduated directing at the prestigious American Film Institute.

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Ivan Krstovińá

line producer

Ivan holds a Master’s Degree in Film Production and has worked as a Line Producer on over 20 high-profile projects. He has a special talent in controling and managing budgets, inherited from his great grandfather who ran a city bank.

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Milica Putnik Lukovac

line producer

Milica is one of the first This and That associates and has over 10 years of expertise in Line Producing. Her biggest allies are her charm and determination and thanks to those there isn’t a task she can’t accomplish.

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Dragana Antińá

development producer

Dragana uses her combined knowledge of dramaturgy and film production to develop exceptional projects. She successfully conquers work assignments as well as mountain tops.

Jovana Kovańćevińá Bajińá

production coordinator

Danijela ńźokanovińá

financial controller

Danijela worked as the financial controller on over 20 American and Serbian productions. She is in charge of financial reports, as well as quality control of company parties.

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Wouter van Houwelingen

marketing manager